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Our 4-CEC is having the best purity.

4-CEC drug from the Cathinongruppe is a synthetic stimulant and hallucinogenic.

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(4-cec) 4-cec has the potentiality for multipurpose uses. It is a kind of stimulant drug which belongs to the cathinone class.
Cathinone here is a part of the benzoylethanamine group. Cathinone is a derivative of cathaedul which is a plant. Cathinone makes 4-cec similar to methcathinone.

4-cec is an important laboratory research chemicals and also a designer drug. It is a featuring drug of phenethylamine group combined with an alkyl group.

The main formula of 4-cec is attached to the alpha carbon. There exit a ketone group along with the beta carbon.

4-cec can make an impact widely as a biochemical. 4-cec can majorly take part in the mass spectrometry field. In the research purpose, mainly 4-cec is involved in neuroscience and forensic science.
Since 4-cec has stimulant properties, people use it for activating the central nervous system than 4-cec takes part in the increasing activity of the central nervous system.


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